Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ahhh, Squamish.

Ahhhh, Squamish. The land of impeccable granite, lush forests, amazing ocean views, and crackling, high voltage, cancerous powerlines. As far as bouldering, Squamish is the land of the lip traverse, the heinous topout, the heel hook, and the sloper. I hate crimps, but by the end to the trip I was fiending for some grips. I had a great time but a week was all my hamstrings, and psyche for lip traverses could handle.

The Cheif.

So before we got to Squamish, Lee hadn't climbed in 2 months, and I have to admit that once again, she impressed me with her natural strength...

and raw bouldering abilities.

Lee on Titanic V3.(sorry I can't flip it)

Actually, Lee climbed extremely well- finishing a handful of V3's, a couple of V4's and 2 V5's, which is better than I would have climbed if I hadn't touched rock or hung from my fingers for over 60 days. She definitely deserves the MVP award for this trip!

I on the other hand, have been bouldering all Summer. So I showed up with lofty goals, but got totally stomped. Instead of sending super hard, I projected what was super hard for me(read anything between V5 and V8). Here's a picture of me maxing out on the Hoop Wrangler V5. I never finished this one... can you say humbling?

A huge thanks to my parents for letting us borrow their car for the week. I also want to thank Ryan, Sam and Shannon for letting us borrow their pads for the week. Our trip wouldn't have been possible without their generosity.

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