Friday, September 12, 2008

Blast From the Past- Hueco 2004

Here are some pictures I found from my month long trip to Hueco in 2004. The pictures were taken By Jackie Hueftle.
Crazy East Spur Maze formation.
Hueco Ranger's Station
Let's go climbing!!! I think this is Tschil.

Here's some rare documentation that I can actually climb. My ascent of Full Service V10, in sweat pants!!!
In an attempt to be less narcissistic, here's a couple of shots of other people...
Julie- our guide for East Mountain that day.
Leif- Crazy German Guy #1
Crazy Geman Guy #1 on Full Sevice V10.
Can't remember his name. Crazy German Guy #2
Jackie Hueftle
Seth Allred on Full Service V10.

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