Friday, November 25, 2011


Before leaving for Spain, Ben and I started joking about me giving him the password to this blog and letting him write my trip update.  That never happened, but the idea stuck and since we had some time over the Thanksgiving weekend we tried it.  So here goes the first guest entry!

Thanksgiving.  My favorite time of year.  We get to eat, eat some more, loosen our belts, eat some more and enjoy the muffin top rolling over our skinny jeans.

Luckily, I am on the Western Slope, at the Collett's new place in Marble.  Here is the view from one of their windows.

Ben whipping up some Mexican French Toast, while enjoying the view of Chair Mountain.

After breakfast, we drove about an hour north and attempted to work off some of the lard at a rather warm sunny locale that the locals call something like poo.

The energizing sound of engine brakes combined with a nagging cold, and the fitness gained from Spain propelled me to the top of my send of the year, The Long Haul 13a.  Lungs burning and barely able to stand when I got back to the ground, I felt like it was truly climbing "a muerte".

Alas, the snow came in before I could flash Gutless Wonder 14b.  I am not sure whether it is even worth coming back for it as the send is a foregone conclusion.

Here are some pictures from the day.  Ben warming up on Traditional Values 5.7, a great bolted slab crack on the Lower Wall.

 Ben on Urban Cowboy 12a.

Ben resting below the final crux of Urban Cowboy.

Warming down on Stay True 11b, a short, technical slab on perfect rock.

A cold, but happy Leah looking forward to a warm car.

The next day was a huge change of pace. We climbed the space between the rocks at a remote, and obscure area called Escalante Canyon.

Captain Smith's Cabins.  Built around 1900.


Cool dilapidated shack.

We occupied the part of the space time continuum where you properly experience both the earth and the air.  We were the fire.  It was a return to the roots of mankind with an annual trip to the desert.
Norie on the brutally sandbagged S Crack 10+.  Watch out for the wideness at the top!

With Thanksgiving over, it was time to start thinking about Christmas!

 Leah on Pumping for Passion 11+.  A perfect 90 foot lieback corner.

Moomin sighting!

What a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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