Thursday, December 8, 2011

Goals for 2012

Well, it's a bit pat the holiday season but the present is always a good time to reflect on past accomplishments and dream of future goals.  Usually, I privately make some goals and then quickly fall into an unfocused and comfortable routine.  This year, I thought that if I shared my philosophy on setting goals and posted them on the internet, I would be more likely to stay on track.

Rule # 1- Brainstorm
Decide what you want out of climbing. If you are an all around climber, you will probably have separate goals for sport, traditional, multi-pitch, bouldering, and maybe even the gym. If you are specialized, such as a boulderer, your list may be shorter.

Rule #2- Time Frame
Make short, medium, and long term goals. These goals can range from a day to 10 years or more.

Rule #3- Be Specific, and Realistic
Goals should be measurable and attainable. Such as "I want to climb 12a". If you simply say I want to climb harder, how will you know when you have reached your goal?

Rule #4- Write Your Goals Down and Keep Them Visible
Writing down your goals makes them more concrete and physical.  Put the list somewhere you will see it daily- at work, in the car, by your bed, etc.  This will help you stay mindful of your goals.

 Rule #5- Review, Revise and Be Patient.
Evaluate your goals periodically.  If you achieve a goal too soon, make it a bit harder.  Also don't be afraid to change or eliminate goals that aren't productive, realistic, etc.  Remember to be patient- especially with long term goals.

Rule #6- Have a plan.
Hopefully, each goal builds upon the next to help you reach those long term goals.  However, this approach requires a plan.  For example, if you want to achieve a personal best in bouldering and routes, it makes more sense to focus on the bouldering goal first, and then apply your new power to routes- instead of the other way around.

So, after a short brainstorming session, here are my 2012 goals. Of course, my #1 goal is to have fun. Feel free to give me a hard time if I appear to be slacking off.

Sport Climbing
Short Term
Second Go 13c
Onsight 13a

Medium Term
Redpoint Planet X 14a
Climb three 13d's this year
1. Magnetar 13d (6/3/12)

Long Term
Onsight 13b
Climb 14b

Traditional Climbing
Short Term
Do two 13a traditional routes this year
The Red Dihedral 12d- I am taking 13a 

Medium Term
Climb The Five Year Plan 13c.

Long Term
My climbing manager(Ben Collett) and I need to discuss this...

Short Term
Do a V10
Be able to do V8 in a day. 

Medium Term
Do a V11
Be able to do V9 in a day.(12/23/12)

Long Term
Be able to do V10 in a day.
Do a V12
Short Term
Onsight 12d (1/3/12)
Climb 13b in a day 10/10/12 felt desperate!
Boulder V9 (2/9/12)
Hangboard with 45 pounds 5/15/12
2-4-6-8-10 on A (2/1/12)
20 pullups 5/15/12

Medium Term
Onsight 13a
Climb 13c
Boulder V10 11/11/12- a fight but basically in a day!
Hangboard with 50 pounds10/10/12 out of no where!
2-4-6-8-10 on A with 2.5 pounds- (030212) had to quit campusing because of minor finger injury.  Repeated 5/15/12
20 pullups with 10lbs (5/29/12)
Long Term 
Hangboard with 55lbs(10/17/12) easily!
2-4-6-8-10 on A with 5 pounds (11/7/12) with 5lbs then did next set with 7.5lbs- bested my best.  Been trying on and off for over a year.  Totally out of nowhere!!!
20 pullups with 20lbs
Win the world cup!

Go to at lease 5 new areas such as...
The Frying Pan(5/28/12) 
The Narrows(5/6/12)
Independence Pass (6/24/12)
Newlin Creek
Mill Creek
The Bugaboos (8/5/12)
Red River Gorge(4/9/12)

Community Service
Replace the hardware on Paris Girl.
Establish a new sport route in Rifle.

For fun, I will try to return to this list and highlight the goals I accomplish as the year progresses. 

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