Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hueco Christmas and a Hueco New Year

I am a horrible, selfish person.  Instead of flying home to Seattle to see my family for Christmas, I chose to go climbing in Hueco.

Einar on Brittany in a Blender V9.
OK, I am not a horrible person, but something must be wrong with me.  I would rather drive 12 hours in my shitty car, than fly 3 hours on a shitty plane.  I would rather pay to live in a slightly ghetto RV, than sleep in a nice house for free.  I would rather hang out with filthy strangers and friends under a cold rock, than be cozy and warm with my family in the living room.

Jon Linhart on The Bathtub V9.
I felt guilty about skipping out on my folks, but it's hard to hear your conscious when you are in such a sacred, and beautiful place.  Hueco vibrates with history and culture.  It's easy to imagine ancient people living among the boulders that we recreate on.  A perfect oasis from a harsh desert.  A perfect oasis from modern life. 

Life quickly get stripped down to the basics.  Eat, sleep, climb, repeat.  

Our beloved camper.
Besides my first trip to Hueco in 1998(wow, that makes me sound old), before all the rules, this was by far my most unrestricted experience in recent years.  Mainly because I went with my friend and commercial guide, Rob Guinn.  Thanks Rob!!!

Many adventures were had.  Lots of problems were done.  Skin was shredded.  Holds were fondled.  Limits were pushed.  Muscles got sore.  Unfinished business was left.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  So back to real life, the obscure tour, and choss mongering.  Until next time Hueco!

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