Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red Dihedral- Part 2

A week after getting thoroughly worked on the Red Dihedral we returned with Celin Serbo, a friend and local photographer, to send the first pitch and get some shots on this beautiful route.

When we got to the base of the wall, another team was already racking up to try the same route!  It's interesting how routes and areas go in and out of interest in the climbing community...  I guess the Red Dihedral is hot this year!

Anyways, after a short chat, Greg and Lee graciously allowed us to climb on the route and they went off to do something else.  Thanks boys!!!

So after flailing and aiding all over the place on my first try, I dug very deep on my second go and barely pinkpointed the first pitch.  I have to say that at most modern climbing areas, this thing would probably be rated 13a or b.

Justen did very well on his first redpoint try but bobbled his beta and fell about 2/3 of the way up at the devious and insecure upper crux.  After a short rest he tied back in, made it to his high point and heroically battled up and down four times at the upper crux before eking through to better holds.  Nice job Justy!

Here are some of the amazing shots that Celin took that day.  You can checkout more of his photography and videos at http://www.serbophoto.com/.

 Justen at the rest above the lower crux section.

 Me in the upper crux

 Me palming like crazy at the end of the lower crux.

 Justen Resting before the upper crux.

Justen getting into the rest.

 Justen funking through the upper crux.

 Me getting committed on the upper crux.

 Me praying my feet stay on the upper crux.

Still praying...

Justen at the hard earned rest.

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