Monday, July 16, 2012

Maple Canyon

Since the Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday this year, Leah and I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off and go somewhere for a five day weekend.  With the heat soaring into the upper 90's, and the crowds flocking to Ten Sleep, we chose to head to Maple Canyon, in search of shady North facing caves, finger friendly cobbles, and some quiet camping.

Along the way, we got lost, drove until 5am, and slept in a Walmart parking lot.  In the morning, while we were wandering the aisles of Walmart like zombies, I couldn't get over the eerie twilight zone feeling I get every time I am deep in Mormon Country.  It's a mix of invisibility, tolerance, and curiosity.  I feel like an ambassador for an inferior country and ultimately, I find myself swearing a lot less.  So in a strange way, being in Utah makes me a better person.

Luckily, the drive was the low point of the trip.  The rest of the trip was filled with new crags like the Compound.

Deceptively cute attack Beagles.  Who knew those existed?

Back off or I will bite your face!
Amazingly cuddly crag dogs.

 Great car camping.

Turkeys.  And their stench.

Ice cream. 

 Huge wildfires. 

Beautiful, smoke enhanced sunset.

Breakfast at strange cafes.

Best cafe name ever!!!  Food wasn't bad either.

6bdrm, 5bth, 2ktn, 2lndry, 4000ft, 10acres- $160,000.
Kinky Mormon stuff.
Goofing off at Walmart

Deer urine, Elk urine, Bacon.
 Classic American landscapes.

Big sky.
San Rafael Swell.

And of course, some hardcore chillin'. 

Rockstar Leah will put her feet wherever she wants.
Five days flew by and once again, neither of us wanted to return to Boulder.  Unfortunately, work and responsibility reeled us east across I-70 and back into the Bubble.

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