Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mt. Evans Hangover

It's Tuesday, and I still feel hungover from this weekend. My body aches, and my head feels fuzzy. I have been a useless zombie at work and at night I sit at home and guzzle water. No, I didn't drink too much! If I had, I would probably be recovered by now. My condition was caused by going to Mt. Evan on Sunday, hiking 3+ hours, climbing until I had nothing left, and sucking on thin air all day. As horrible as I feel, I would do it again in an instant.

We started the day at the Ladder V2, and slowly warmed up on some random problems. Then we moved on to a nice V7 arete behind Maker's Mark V5. After a bit of rest, and a short debate on where to go next, we headed to Gorillas in the Mist V11. This was the first time I had climbed on the problem and was not disappointed. This problem has amazing compression moves, and immaculate stone. It definitely has my vote for the best V11 in Colorado. With an hour of effort, and some beta, I was able to do all the moves. I think putting it all together will be the crux. I will definitely be going back soon!

The wind picked up and lightening cracked, but the rain never fell, so we packed up and hiked to the Hume boulder at Area B. This was the first time I had been to the boulder and was impressed by it's size, and the quality and variety of problems. I was also struck by the untapped potential of Area B. I ended up settling on Curiously Strong/Wrong, and the others tried a very cool V6 the the right. After a couple of tries, I stuck the first move of Curiously Strong, but decided to use the jugs to the left. I was told this is Curiously Wrong. It felt like V8 or so. Then I tried to haul my ass off the ground on the Hume Problem V10, which only resulted in some involuntary farts, and grunting. At this point, everyones skin was gone, and it was time to head home.

It was a great day and I can't wait to go back next weekend and get wasted again.

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