Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lee's Rehab

About a month ago, Lee hurt something in her left palm trying Smokin' Joe at Joe's Valley. Ever since, we have been trying different things to rehab her hand. At first, our tactics involved no climbing, but gradually she's started to climb again- avoiding crimpers, and holds that separate her pinkie and left ring finger. Continuing her rehab, we went to the East Draw for a little finger friendly bouldering.

Just outside Eldorado Canyon, this is a great place for cold days because it's South facing, and at the top of a hill. The climbing is found on a long band of pebbly sandstone with a steeper section at the left side of the wall. Lee tried Pig Dog for a while, and between attempts we drank tea.

Although the rock isn't perfect, and none of the problems are amazing, we remained thankful to be outside, and enjoyed the unique view of Eldo.

Eventually, Lee's hand started to hurt, so I dropped her off at home, and I drove up Boulder Canyon to try the Left Graham Arete V11. I have been trying this thing randomly for about three years, but have always shown up without the prerequisite finger strength. For some reason, things felt different this time, and after shredding my tips on it for an hour, I surprised myself by falling off on the mantle! Unfortunately, it was getting dark and my tips were paper thin. So I went home with a glimmer of hope that with a little rest, and some new skin, my stubborness will payoff.

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