Friday, May 9, 2008

Unfinished Boulder Canyon Projects

I was up at the Cage Free Boulder in Boulder Canyon yesterday and realized that there is a great unfinished line on the Cage Free Boulder. Basically, the line traverses left into Cage Free from the starting hueco of Surface Tension. With all the very strong talent that has visited this boulder, I am very surprised that this very logical linkup hasn't been polished off. The canyon could certainly use another V13. Any takers? Of course a discussion about uncompleted lines in Boulder Canyon wouldn't be complete without mentioning the huge roof that sits below cob rock. As one of the most obvious features in the canyon, this thing screams to be climbed! It seems crazy that such an amazing, unchipped, roadside project isn't teeming with people trying to send it. The center line looks like it has V14 potential, and a left start which links into the end of the center line looks like it would easily hit V12. So let's get busy people!

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